A Review of Automated Forex Brokers

Many firms provide automated forex broker services. in the listed articles, youll notice transient reviews of each and every. 

What forex brokers provide automated services ? 

GFT Forex is an automated forex broker, whose dealbook FX 2 software offers the investor each a demo while a live forex trading tool within the whole currency market. this forex trading software offers the investor direct admission to a number of tightest spreads, with a stable, standalone forex trading platform, 24 hours each day. 

The dealbook FX 2 software shows live, dealable costs, real time knowledge, free real time world and money news, forex charts, a little over sixty five technical indicators, and also the ability out to build the investor’s own indicators.

GCI Financial Ltd., another automated forex broker, provides trading software that tracks real time prices in 20 major currencies, live charts, and real time profit and loss account tracking. The software is offered as a demo also. Market orders are confirmed within seconds at prices clicked on or accepted by the client.

The FX3K is an online automated dealing and trading platform used by automated forex brokers. The FX3K online trading environment includes real time quotes, charting, technical analysis tools, and news. FX3K integrates the client, dealer, back office and system administrator functions. Product features include high speed execution of client orders and the ability to monitor real time margin availability, net exposure and profit and loss on all open positions. FX3K has chat options to allow trader-dealer conversations.

The COESfx Level 1 Trading Platform is used by automated forex broker as an Electronic Currency Network for the execution of best prices for buyers and sellers of foreign exchange. It offers traders live and executable prices, thereby making each participant a market maker. Traders gain access to "best bid/best offer” quotes directly from price providers and other traders. COESfx pricing is derived from a number of partners in the network such as banks, Futures Commission Merchants (FCM’s), Introducing Brokers (IB’s), fund managers and other traders on its Electronic Currency Network.