Forex Harmonic Detection Indicator

This interesting Meta4 indicator combine the optimized Kor-Zup
indicators, together with other tools like Pivot target and Double
MACD will help you with a powerful Harmornic Chart Pattern
detector, it can detect all available pattern (crab, gartley, bat,
butterfly, ABCD, Head n Shoulder, abcde,...) and will draw  the
pattern on your chart automatically whenever it detect one and 
mention the name at top left coner  to help you recognize which 
pattern is, it will draw a predict line  to show how price would move 
and potential target price level, it will sound alarms and trigger 
a pop up window mentioning the Harmonic Pattern details whenever 
it found one so you don't really need to stick your eyes at the 
screen. Future Line: (pink) This indicator shows the predicted move
of the price in the near future.

You will get: Manual instruction + template + custom indicators used 

in the system (work with all broker using MT4 platform)
Price is only 27$, item will be delivered to your email

( No expiration, no limitation, forever usage )
Below are some screenshot where it showed exellent 
prediction and feedback


Price is only 27$ (no limitation, no expiry, forever usage). You will 

get :Manual instruction + template + custom indicators used in the 
system (work with all brokers MT4 platform)

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